White Papers

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Remedial Law

Book TitleAuthorOCLC ID
Basic Remedial LawPearsonRL-000-001
Intermediate Remedial LawKauffmanRL-000-002
Advanced Remedial LawRoss & ApplebeeRL-000-003
Remedial Law for DummiesTanenbaumRL-100-400
Maximize Law Remedies in CourtLittRL-100-404
The Lost Art of Remedial Law BargainingSpecterRL-102-112
Remedial Law for Remedial LawyersSidwellRL-205-144
Remedial Law Refresher CourseCarmichaelRL-999-741
The Intricacies of Remedial Law Practice Hunt, Rowe, SpikeRL-909-169
The Black Book on Remedial LawSpenceRL-632-078


Commercial Law

Book TitleAuthorOCLC ID
Basic CommercialLawZane, Zane & RoseCL-000-001
Intermediate Commercial LawBurton-SchmidtCL-000-002
Advanced Commercial LawMcCoughlinCL-000-003
Commercial Law for DummiesHalpernCL-214-405
Commercial Law in CourtLotharioCL-140-444
Bargaining for Commercial ContractsDoverCL-202-212
Commercial Law for Non-LawyersCadwellCL-502-411
Commercial Law Refresher CourseMcClintonCL-901-141
Commercial Law PrimerSmith & LangdonCL-904-094
The Little Black Book on Commercial LawRoachCL-917-418


International Law

Book TitleAuthorOCLC ID
Basic International LawSidwellIL-001-000
Intermediate International LawBaynesIL-001-002
Advanced International LawSaundersIL-000-203
International Law for DummiesKilpatrickIL-114-425
International Law in Local CourtConnorsIL-140-444
Bargaining for International ContractsPaganiniIL-202-212
International Law RevisitedPopeIL-502-417
International Law Refresher CourseFields, SuttonIL-701-151
International Law PrimerPearson, VueIL-804-791
The Little Black Book on International LawPearson, Specter, LittIL-921-411