This website project came out of necessity. A young professor of law at Oxford wanted a way to be able to access all his books at any given time. Given the sheer weight and size of each book, this effort seems impossible, if not unimaginable.

This professor was friends with an IT guy at the Law library on campus. The two who frequently spent afternoons having tea together got around to talking about this professor’s predicament.

IT guy then came up with the idea of making electronic copies of the professor’s library of books. The gargantuan task took the whole summer to accomplish, but it was well worth the effort.

The result is what you are now reading is part of the collection of knowledge and information about law. All you needed to know about law, you can find it all here. All you need is a little forebearance and some initiative to know where to look.

Now the professor can say, “I got the law in my own hands” and not mean committing a felony.

Apart from being an avid food processor enthusiast, and spending half the day making smoothies and milkshakes, the above forementioned professor spends half the day making healthy juice, and the other half reading law books. If he’s in the kitchen, he’s probably using his KitchenAid KFP1322ER to make a delicious banana and strawberry smoothie. If he’s in the library – then he’s reading a law book. Or, he’s putting together a collation of information to prepare for his next book in the making, expected 2018 – “How To Run A Motor Trade Business, From Traders Insurance To Auctions”