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Andinet.org Statement

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Andinet.org is the official website of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ), commonly known as Andinet Party. Andinet (UDJ) is a modern political organization hence its website will reflect UDJ’s modern political vision and serve as a forum to disseminate the Party’s official position in all matters of national, regional and international issues as well as promote the economic and social policies that are vital for Ethiopia’s renaissance.

Andinet.org will be user friendly to enable visitors to access well organized and relevant information pertaining to Ethiopia including both audio and video format. All the latest available technology will be employed to run the website for accurate and up to date information.

Andinet.org will encourage Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to give their wholehearted support to UDJ’s activities both at home and abroad as well as collaborate with all organizations and associations that work for the creation of a free, democratic, prosperous, stable and unified Ethiopia.

All information that will merit posting on Andinet.org must strictly adhere to the promotion of UDJ’s modern and basic principles of peace, love, unity, tolerance, transparency, accountability and national reconciliation.

Andinet.org is committed to posting rationally argued views and fact based information as well as constructive criticism forwarded by individuals or groups even against UDJ itself.

The long-term objective of Andinet.org is to serve the nation and the people of Ethiopia. UDJ believes that the cause of the nation and its people is greater than the interest of any particular political party, including itself. Hence, UDJ is committed to ushering a new era of Ethiopian politics which will only be associated with life but not death, with development not destruction, with unity not fragmentation, with pride not shame, with the rule of law not tyranny and above all with civil political discourse to find common ground to solve our shared national problems.

The most important short term objective of Andinet.org will be to support all activities and efforts for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners from TPLF/EPRDF prison. http://www.andinet.org