The Politically Correct Everything


polrocksWe are at a time when people become so touchy about everything, and I do mean everything. Nowadays, you have to check yourself before speaking out your mind, else you might step on some toes. And it’s not too hard to do that these days. It’s either we have evolved and have developed larger toes as a race, or we have become too sensitive at every little possible thing.

I am of the notion that we have become too sensitive. One small comment and we’d react like we’ve been overly maltreated by those around us, when in truth, the other person was merely speaking the truth or merely stating his or her opinion.

I am of the notion that we have become too sensitive has a wealth of information on the subject, culled from the archives of early governments dating back from the Greek era, to even information on wealth creation strategies.

Strange times indeed, but this is somehow a reflection of how our society has formed an persistent image of what is correct and what is not. The problem with this is that we tend to hold back ourselves for fear of offending someone in the process. This, I believe is what caused a generation of unimaginative, uninspired brats, whose only goal in his daily life is to find ways to be offended.