Political History Repeats Itself


World re-knowned politicspolitical analyst Fred Barnes of Fox News will anchor an open forum today at the Fox News Studios in New York. With him is his usual tandem and sparring partner, Eleanor Clift, a Washington correspondent of The Daily Beast column.

The center of contention was whether or not history keeps repeating itself as far as the political arena is concerned. The open forum will be attended by guests from all walks of life, who think they have a say on the issue at hand. Early confirmations are top political candidates in the coming general elections.

It is anticipated as a highly heated arguments and sparks flying, as both Barnes and Clift promise a no-holds-barred type of exchange between the opposing sides. A question and answer segment will follow after the forum.

Watch the early broadcast tonight at 10pm to be aired by most major TV networks all over the country, coming shortly after a celebrity karaoke session. It’s predicted that 5 celebrities will come together to sing their hearts out, using a wide selection of karaoke machines – only you can decide who the winner will be!