Democracy Redefined



Democracy is defined as the system of government where the citizens exercise power directly or via an elected representative from within their group.

This concept of government has been introduced by the Greeks, and has been adopted by most of the sovereign countries around the world.

It is based on the authoritarian proposition that all men are created equal and therefore all men are qualified to lead a democracy, provided that he or she has the mandate of the majority. I stress on the he or she because women are slowly rising in the ranks of power, including the most powerful countries in the world.

During these most recent times, though, the ideals of democracy have slowly been shaped by the ever-growing influence of people with their own agenda to push forward. In adhering to this, the definition of the word democracy has been contorted to conform with what people in power want it to be.

The simple meaning of all of this is that democracy is not the same as the way our forefathers had envisioned it to be. It is now being used as a vehicle to put certain personalities in a position which they would ordinarily not be able to approximate.